Friday, March 19, 2010

Clear as Mud Series™ - Making Sense of Facebook Structure

Welcome to the Word of Mouth Media Clear as Mud Series™.  Our first edition is about creating Facebook FAN Pages.  While most folks have figured out the intuitive "friend" structure in Facebook, FAN pages can be confusing at best.

If you have ever wondered about creating a FAN Page (otherwise known as a corporate page), here is the architecture.

  • FAN pages are attached to the individual Facebook account used to create them.  So if you are a consultant or a company that builds FAN pages for your customers, it is best to use their account to create them.
  •  FAN Page names are NOT unique. For instance, there can be multiple Solutionz Group pages. For this reason, it is really important to put your logo or some other identifying element on your FAN page. 
  • You can suggest to your own friends to become a fan of your fan page, but you can only get to their friend network by inviting their friends to become your friends. Once they accept your invitation, then you can suggest that they become fans of your FAN page.

As always, when expanding your network, don't try to do multiple en masse invitations, lest you get flagged as a spammer. 

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